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Whether you're looking for adventure or just to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet with a good book, Utah Lake State Park has space. Whether you lived in Utah All your life or recently moved here and plan your next vacation in the hive state, you have a wealth of opportunities for activities. We've rounded up some of the most romantic things to do in Provo and the Utah Valley.

Depending on the season, you can fly along the Provo River or swim in the Salt Lake River. Visitors can enjoy the perfect range of hiking, biking, fishing, camping, hiking and more at Utah Lake State Park in the Utah Valley.

If hiking and water is your thing, you can't afford to miss Utah Lake State Park's water park options. Families looking for something smaller can visit the various Utah Valley Splash Parks, all easily accessible and offering a variety of amenities. West of Provo, Utah Lake State Park is located on the Salt Lake River, a short drive from Utah City. The park's 1.5 km network of hiking trails offers easy access to hiking, cycling, fishing, camping, swimming and more.

If you're looking for something fun, cheap or free to do in Utah in general, visit the city's website and visit as many local activities as you can and try it out. Definitely add this stop and this activity to your list for next summer, but in the meantime, surf from one stop to the next. For more ideas for things - to - do - in Utah, see our list of 10 things to do for toddlers in Salt Lake City. In the meantime, check out our Utah Exploring Guide for more information about Utah City and the Provo region as a whole, as well as a deeper insight into Utah history and culture.

Other Utah Valley cities have a number of interesting attractions, and many of these cities also have a rich pioneering heritage. These include Salt Lake City, Provo, Cedar City and other cities in Utah's Central Valley. While Provos often lacks great nightlife, Salt Lake City offers plenty of recreational opportunities for residents to behave and have fun.

For a remarkable weekend, I took only 1.5 days on Friday and Saturday to explore the Utah Valley to make sure I met all the true Utah Valley favorites in a short time. Visit the Provo pizza factory - this place is up there with the best things to do in Provo if you're looking for a date night. Since local activities are only held once a year, this is one of the places you really want to take advantage of during a Utah Valley Adventure weekend. Again, we wanted to meet a real local favorite from Utah County, so we went to the pizzeria to have some good food and a great night with some friends.

The two most prominent institutions are Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, both surrounded by majestic peaks. Utah Valley Public University is located next to the city of Orem and 801 - 830 - 1468 is across the street from BYU. There is also an LDS-owned university in Salt Lake City, Utah State University and a public college in Provo.

At the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the early Mormons dug granite to build the Salt Lake Temple. It has been cut off over time by glaciers and the River Provo and is composed of colourful rock formations with the imposing peak of Timpanogos as a background.

When President James Buchanan sent US troops to Salt Lake City in 1858 to quell a Mormon uprising, thousands of Mormons, including the leader Brigham Young, moved to Provo. It lost its status as a stopover - and with it its distinctive Mormon flavor.

But downtown Provo remains one of the Utah Valley's most popular tourist attractions, and nearby Brigham Young University remains an educational center for the area. Provo's main attraction is its vibrant music and cultural scene, which comes from the thousands of university students who make it their home while attending their university in Utah's Valley. Sundance, the nearest ski resort, is home to the largest ski resort in the world with over 2,000 ski lifts and also offers a beautiful landscape that is located behind Mount Timpanogos. Most, if not all, of Provo's attractions are panoramic cityscapes, but the city's main attraction is the vibrant arts and entertainment scene - and the thousands of universities and students they bring home during their studies.

The Provo-Orem metropolitan area, which includes the Utah Valley, is home to more than half a million people. Neighboring Provo and Orem offer a wide variety of leisure and cultural activities, including 60 city parks and more than 1,000 kilometers of trails and tracks, as well as the largest ski resort in the world, the Sundance Ski Resort. Provos is located in Utah's southernmost county, just south of Salt Lake City, and has a population of just over 116,000, but it has only grown in recent years. With its population growth in recent years, it now has the second-highest population growth rate of any Utah city, behind San Diego, and has had a population of about 115,500 over the past two decades.

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More About Provo