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The Brigham Young Cougars put in an historic performance Saturday night to record their first-ever victory over the Utah State Huskies. He started in eastern Arizona, worked briefly at Oregon State, then moved back to BYU and then to South Utah, where he spent a decade before turning down an appearance at BYU to work as an offensive line coach under former head coach Steve Sitake. Tuiaki has been a fixture at Utah State for a decade, training at the University of California, Berkeley and Utah before joining Sitke - and one stay - at Oregon State for a year, then following him back to Provo. Zach Wilson impressed from start to finish and was a key part of the Cougar fullback playmaking unit in his first year as a starter.

He certainly understands the boundaries of the school's culture and has positioned himself accordingly to successfully recruit and coach the Cougars. He hasn't been able to do that consistently in Provo, but he certainly has set him up to be successful.

It's worth noting here that BYU was a lousy shooting team last season, but someone can fix that right away. It's Friday night, and BYU will face a number of Utah State rivals, as explained in this article about every team in the state. BYU is independent, so it's a must-win for them And they have the chance to play in a New Year's game, if they can do it, they should win. Although the Cougars are currently ranked ninth in all polls, they are not guaranteed a spot in any of the six New Year's Bowl games, though they should win at least one of them.

If BYU plays like it did against WKU, say goodbye to the unbeaten season hopes and salute a New Year's Bowl spot.

It's also worth noting that BYU has had only one quarterback to start a game since independence this season. Look for a real freshman or even a freshman from a school outside the conference to take meaningful snaps at the quarterback position that give BYU a run / pass option in the red zone. BYU will now turn its attention to Troy, where the offensive coordinator is the former head coach of the Trojans and former quarterback at the University of Michigan.

After a brief recollection, Chadwell and his assistants called two other Sun Belt schools that had played against the Cougars this season, a team that beat BYU 100-21. BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe has struck a deal with Troy to find an opponent for the weekend, including a possible game against unbeaten Cincinnati that was canceled because of the Bearcats' cognitive problems. Early in the season, BYU left Provo on game day and traveled to Navy.

The Utes scored just three points in the first half, starting with their own 40 and BYU's 33. Utah allowed BYU to gain just 29 yards on its first three drives of the game, the second-lowest total this season.

Moss gave Utah a 14-yard back-to-back gain that brought the ball to BYU 44, but Ash and the Longhorns regained the points with a touchdown pass to Davis. BYU extended its lead to 34-14 when Davis completed another touchdown run with a 12-yard run on the first play of the second half.

Provo is consistently in the top 100 places to live and has fantastic views of the Wasatch Mountains. Provo's nearby mountains and fun atmosphere provide a great backdrop for college football, no matter who plays in them. In that showdown against the Chanticleers, BYU did the same on a campus 2,208 miles from Provos.

Boise State has a 7-3 record against BYU since the series began, but BYU's biggest rival is the University of Utah, located 2,208 miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah. When the teams met last year in Provo, BYU handed the No. Boise State suffered its first loss of the season, snapping a three-game Broncos winning streak.

The victorious BYU Cougars, meanwhile, have recovered to 500 and will remain in Provo to play Utah next weekend. The home match will be against a game that regularly features the Cougars' Utah State rival.

The Tigers host Georgia right after their trip to Provo and then head to Tennessee. Both Missouri and BYU need to win this game, but both are heading for a different challenge. BYU has the opportunity to host the Tigers on Saturday, placing them between two of the top teams in the Mountain West, Utah State and Utah, as well as Utah.

The Cougars (10-1) will have to adjust to that and be at home in the mountains of Provo, but they would love nothing better than to claim their first win of the season. The No 21 The Broncos would love to leave ninth in the table with a defeat and that would be heartbreaking. BYU has a return quarterback experience, a returning quarterback and a strong defense, as well as a solid offensive line. Boise would have loved to do to the Pumas what BYU did to them in Boise last year, and they would have loved to get their second straight win against BYU.

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