Provo Utah Fairfield Inn

The new Fairfield Inn and Suites area, with its inviting décor, modern design and modern amenities, is scheduled to open in summer 2017. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in one of Utah's liveliest, liveliest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Just a short drive from downtown Provo, Utah, and the Utah State Capitol, this Utah hotel is the first of its kind to feature brand new designs and decorations that enrich the guest experience with flexible amenities and a warm and welcoming environment.

The spacious lobby offers guests access to a connecting printing area, which offers standing and seated internet stations. In the lobby area, guests can relax, be productive or enjoy breakfast and snacks in a modern, flexible environment, which features an open dining area with a wide selection of food and drinks and a fully equipped bar.

The new design places the sleeping area in the middle of the room and helps to provide guests with a more comfortable and comfortable sleeping experience and more privacy. Whatever type of room you choose, you can rest comfortably in your bed with a comfortable mattress, pillow and pillowcase.

Inspired by nature, the hotel's thoughtful rooms and suites place living and working areas near the windows, allowing for more natural light and views. Guests can relax with a pool, pool table, outdoor terrace and outdoor lounge area. You can get a drink or snack from the 24 / 7 Corner Market or buy drinks and snacks in the restaurant.

A complimentary hot breakfast is served each morning, which includes scrambled eggs, homemade waffles, pancakes, oatmeal or a breakfast sandwich. Morning is the perfect time to enjoy a quick breakfast at the 24 / 7 Corner Market or the hotel restaurant.

During your stay at the hotel, you can enjoy free parking, free Wi-Fi and free parking in the garage. Other hotel amenities include laundry, free hot water, hot showers, a fitness center, a lounge for patient treatment, a private pool and spa, an outdoor pool and a spa with hot tub.

These policies and standards aim to keep relevant and family-friendly while limiting the expression of strong opinions. All promotional content will be removed and we will use user generated content or content that the hotel responds to. Any questions relating to our services should be referred to our customer service or accommodation service.

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Ft. Building plot from 1922 in Rochester, NY (updated every 15 minutes) and the current location of the building in Provo, Utah.

The average house in this building was built in 1921 and the average property tax on Arnett Boulevard is $922 / Jr. This is the last price of 61,040 square feet listed at the time of the building's construction in 1922 for the Fairfield Inn in Provo, Utah.

The first stop for stagecoaches in the hotel served as a stopover on the transcontinental railway, which opened in 1869. The Stagecoach House was a nearby hotel that also served as a Stagecoach and Pony Express stop.

Camp Floyd Crittenden was abandoned after the military was called in to the East during the American Civil War and the army marched to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, where it spent the winter of 1857. Soon after their arrival, the troops settled in the place where more than 400 buildings were erected by November 1858. Soon enough civilians followed, bringing the city to 7,000, nearly twice the size of Salt Lake City.

Guests are greeted by a staff member who moves around the sloping reception, answering questions and greeting guests. The great space concept in the lobby is a great place to sit back and relax while watching a large HDTV screen. A 2-car garage is cordoned off with an open floor plan that includes workstations, storage and even a small kitchen and dining area.

Pets are welcome, but if you are staying in a suit in Orem, do not leave your furry companion behind. You can visit the fitness centre and pursue your fitness goals even when you are not at home. Cookies that are considered necessary can be stored here, as they are essential for the functioning and basic functionality of the website. During your stay, you may want to take some time to drive down Provo Canyon Scenic Drive.

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